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IF150 Firmware

Arduino Uno R3

The prime/major Firmware support is for the Arduino Uno R3 as used in this project build.  Please choose your Firmware link carefully.

Alternative Arduino Boards/Configurations

I may support other Arduino boards and/or different output pin configurations depending on demand.  If you are interested in an alternative firmware then please contact me.  If I do provide any alternative firmware then it will basically be a recompile of the latest Arduino Uno code level but targeted for a different board and/or output pin configuration.  I will not be able to test any alternative firmware versions so user beware.

Firmware Package

The Firmware package contains three components:
  1. The IF150 actual firmware files
  2. A program to upload the firmware to the Arduino board
  3. A terminal emulator program to test the programmed Arduino board
The package is delivered as a single .ZIP file containing the following files:

Firmware Download

Please ensure you select the correct Firmware to download!

Arduino Uno R3 - V1.0.5P - The MD5 checksum for this ZIP file is 16BC87F27DFBC158BBDE348674734B39

Supported Commands

The IF150 Firmware supports all the original commands supported by the orininal Lowe IF-150 Interface.
Full details can be found in IF150 Commands.

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