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I'm Nick Bailey BSc (Electrical and Electronic Engineering).  Formerly CEng, MIET, MIEE and MIERE.

Until January 2016 I was for 32 years a UK registered Chartered Engineer (CEng) and full member of the following professional institutions in the UK. I have since retired an no longer work or advise in a legally registered professional capacity.

I've worked in the electronics and software industry since 1977 and also worked on and maintained Fiat cars since 1973.

My engineering background and having served as a model Technical Registrar with the Fiat Motor Club GB (the oldest RAC affiliated motor club in the UK) and the Fiat Twin Cam Register (now called the Sporting Fiats Club) has enabled me to give and receive technical information both to individuals and Fiat UK.   I'm a moderator for the MultiECUScan Website and quite active on the Fiat Forum Website

Beyond engineering and cars I'm quite a decent photographer, enjoy writing software programs for my own personal use and in support of the DEBRA charity, enjoy Shortwave listening (not that I get too much time for this), and generally getting my hands dirty in what ever takes my fancy. 

Finally I love driving!  From road to motor sport, where I have completed well over 6000 circuit miles around various UK circuits.  Driving is a craft you can never completely master as there is always something new to learn with every mile you drive.

I hope you find what I have to offer here on my site of value and helpful to you.


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