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This site is HTTPS / SSL enabled for your privacy and security.

I and my website operate as private and non commercial concerns.

Whilst the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is not applicable to this site and me,  I am guided by this GDPR regulation to protect your privacy and personal data. 

Your privacy is extremely important to me and of course to you.

I have a simple privacy policy which is short, to the point and hopefully unambiguous.

This site is my personal website.  It is *not* a Business or Commercial website.

This site does *not* use cookies.

This site does *not* collect or request any information that is or would be considered to be "personal data".

This site does *not* handle any information about or from you except for any information you explicitly share with me.

This site does *not* store any information about you in any logs or databases.

An example of information you share with me would be where you specifically fill in a form and pro actively submit that form of information to me or directly contact me via Email.

Any information you share with me will not be offered, shared or disclosed to any other third party unless I am legally required to do so.

I will make no attempt to contact you unless you have contacted me or otherwise specifically ask me to.

By completing and submitting any form on this website, or by sending me an Email, then you are agreeing to share with me only that information which you have entered on that form or in that Email.  If you Email me then you may be soliciting a contact response from me.  If you do not want a contact response from me then please let me know in your Email.

You have the right to be "Forgotten".   If you have Emailed me then your Email address and contents of the Email will be known to me, but *not* on this web site.  If you wish to be Forgotten then please let me know and I will immediately delete your Emails and Email Address from my personal Email program and address book.   

NOTE! If you are requesting access to a restricted area, controlled resource, or software registration on this website then your IP address may also be noted.  Any noted IP address is *only* used to identify your country of origin. 

Emails:  I receive many Emails and associated Email addresses.  My default policy is to delete all Emails and Email addresses before or after 60 days of our last contact.  This policy in some circumstances may prove to be abrupt / not friendly / rude / other.  Should you wish to maintain an ongoing short/medium/long term communication channel then this is fine.  Please just let me know.

Your privacy is my commitment.

The legal jurisdiction and laws applicable to this website are those of the United Kingdom.

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