Fiat Strada/Ritmo Abarth 130TC
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Strada/Ritmo Abarth 130TC

Welcome to my Strada Abarth 130TC Web pages.
From my About Me page you will see I have an engineering background and have worked on and driven Fiat cars since 1973.  I've also held various club offical technical posts during this time.

We have owned our Strada Abarth, from new, since January 1988.  One of the last to be made and sold.
For the curious of what a Strada Abarth looks like here is a picture of our car.

Our Strada Abarth 130TC

The purpose of these web pages is to share the technical knowledge, resources and data I have gathered over the years so that you and others may look after and keep their Strada Abarths on the road.
At the top of this web page on the menu bar you will find links to the items currently available.

These pages will always be work in progress as I can't dump all my knowledge quickly, and as I hope you appreciate from the material already posted here a lot of effort has gone into gathering, formatting and entering the data into web readable content.
Enjoy /F/I/A/T/

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