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The Scan125, Scan75 and DriveR8 are Freeware with a CAREWARE/CHARITY WARE status and objective (

These programs have taken considerable time and effort to write and are supplied totally free of charge together with free quality support even at weekends. 

In return would ask/beg you to make a donation to the DEBRA charity that I support. 

I would personally like to thank those 97 people who donated in the period 21 March 2017 to 14 April 2020 raising £1628 for Debra.  To those who have donated (you know who you are) and the person who donated £500 of that total you have my unreserved thanks.  Downloads in that period were in the multiple thousands!   Am I'm asking too much?  Surely Scan125/DriveR8 are worth a couple of pounds or more?  This charity needs your modest donation.

DEBRA (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association) funds research into EB and supports people with EB on an International basis.

About EB - for your information

About Debra - for your information                                           

Three Hours of Heartache!   (a must watch - I hope you are moved to donate!)

Three+ Hours of Daily Pain!  (if the above was not enough then maybe this is?)

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And please remember to Quote Reference Number PN10878 in the "Please tell us what prompted your donation:"  on the donation  form.   Thank you.

I receive no commission and the above reference number will let Debra know why you donated and they in turn will let me know what a success or failure my programming projects are at raising money for them!

If you don't wish to make a donation to my suggested charity then maybe you will consider making a donation to a charity of your own choice.  If you do this then please let me know.

(All external links on this page (other than Marmotta PhotoArt and wikipedia) link soley to Debra and Debra offical material.)
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