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To comply with UK and European laws concerning data handling and privacy the registration process below is designed to be totally anonymous so please do not enter any personal or identifying data.

Free Program Registration

The Virtual Display (see image below) is only available for a limited period of time after each program start.

Virtual Display Image

You can start and stop the program as many times as you wish but if you want no time restriction on the Virtual Display then you need to Register the program.   Upon registration you will be supplied with a USERNAME and KEY code that will remove the time restriction.
I hope that will consider registering the program as this is really the only way I can judge how many people are actually using the program and thus if I may be wasting my time and effort in providing any new functions or support.  Any new functions or support that I may provide will be focussed on Registered Users of the program.

The lack of  Registration will not affect your ability to Load, Save or Edit receiver settings. 

When the time limit has expired a registration dialog will be displayed.   If you click the [Do Not Prompt Again] button then you will not be bothered again but your Receiver Virtual Display will only be operative for the limited time period stated."
If you decide not to register the program I still hope that you still enjoy the program and it enhances your receiver ownership and enjoyment.

PLEASE NOTE! Registration requires no personal data or Email address information so you can be assured your privacy is being protected.

How To Register

Registration is simple and quick to do.
You my wish to review my Privacy Policy before registering.

Please complete and submit to form below. 

Your USERNAME and KEY and IMPORTANT instructions will be displayed on a new page.   Please Print and keep this page.

If you ALREADY have your USERNAME and KEY code then please follow theses instructions and *do not* register again.

To Register

Please complete all data fields. Your chosen user name will be used used to generate the KEY code.

It is also important that you correctly answer the 'previously registered' question.  If you are registering again the please use the same Chosen Username you previously registered.

This form requires a magic word which is 'Alinco' (no quotes but it is case sensitive).

Your Country: (so I know where in the world my program is used)

Have you previously registered and lost your KEY?: Y/N (If Yes then please try to use the same Username if possible)

Chosen USERNAME: 24 characters maximum (this should not reveal your full identity)

Any Comments For Me?: Hopefully you have used the program before registering so have some relevant comments!

Magic Word: Hint! Read just above Your Country field.

  In submitting this form I agree to the DriveR8 program's Terms and Conditions (see WARRANTY, LIABILITY and LICENSE AGREEMENTS) in the program's About menu or in the program's Help/User Manual.

Registration Issues

Please Email:


Please Note: If you have followed the instructions on entering your USERNAME and KEY but the program is still saying it it unregistered then you have most probably installed DriveR8 into a PC system directory that requires administrator privileges.

When you install DriveR8 you have to put ALL the files from the zip file including also the Manual sub folder INTO A NON System Directory.

Valid locations are:

C:\Users\'your_pc_user_name'\My Documents\DriveR8

Invalid locations are

C:\Program Files
C:\Program Files (x86)
C:\Windows (and all sub directories)

DriveR8 has to have the authority to read and write files which it cannot do if it is put into a directory requiring admin/elevated rights.

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