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To comply with UK and European laws concerning data handling and privacy the sending of comments below is designed to be totally anonymous so please do not enter any personal or identifying data.

Program Comments

Please send me your comments, good or bad. 

You can also make program suggestions, or raise problems, hower these there are better sent directly via Email so we can contact and communicate directly with each other.

PLEASE NOTE! Commenting requires no personal data or Email address information so you can be assured your privacy is being protected.

How To Comment

Commenting is simple and quick to do.
You my wish to review my Privacy Policy before commenting.

PLEASE NOTE!  When you comment it is anonymous so I CAN NOT contact you to answer any questions, suggestions or problems you put in the Comments field!  Please Email me instead.

To Comment

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This form requires a magic word which is 'Alinco' (no quotes but it is case sensitive).

Your Country:     (so I know where in the world my program is used)

Your Comments: Please use the program a little so as to have some relevant comments!

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  In submitting these comments I understand that they are anonymous but may be published on the DriveR8 Control Program website.

Program Issues or Suggestions

Please Email:

DriveR8 @ nick-bailey . co . uk

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