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With the new and forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) businesses and self employed persons are now strictly controlled/regulated and legally liable as to how they obtain and manage personal data.  Whilst as a personal individual GDPR does not apply to me I have chosen to remove all potential doubt and not ask for or acquire any personal information on my website,  including your Email address, without your explicit consent.  This is why my Scan125, DriveR8 and other programs that have optional registration no longer ask for "personal Identifiable Information" or Email addresses
This results in me losing a contact with my customers unless they specifically contact me
Buy having this blog I can:
Ensure that for any responses your details are kept PRIVATE.
Please see my Privacy page for further details.
If you want to then please Email Me at one of the appropriate Email addresses: (your  privacy will be protected)

For DriveR8
DriveR8 @ nick-bailey . co . uk
For Scan125
Scan125 @ nick-bailey . co . uk
For HF150
HF150 @ nick-bailey . co . uk
 For IF150
IF150 @ nick-bailey . co . uk
For General/Other
doorbell @ nick-bailey . co . uk

03 Apr 2018 - General - Scan125 Registered Users

Just the other day Scan125 topped 3000 registered users in 55 countries around the world.
This success is a credit to my registered users many of who send me ideas, requests and bug reports.  More importantly, whilst not as good as I would have hoped for the DEBRA/other charity donations trickle in and this is massively good news and support for those in need.  PLEASE everyone keep those charitable donations coming in.  Just a UK pound, US dollar, or any other unit from every user would be great.

07 Mar 2018 - General - DriveR8

DriveR8 V2.1.0.0 is released today.  I hope that the new functions will be welcomed by users.  I'm already enjoying the possibly most welcome new function of Scheduled Tuning.  This allows one to set a date, time, duration and Memory Bank and Memory Number for DriveR8 to automatically tune to.  In addition one can enable automatic recording.  So there is no excuse to missing your favorite commercial broadcast program,  your normal HF net meet or that Navtex or any other reception requirement.

27 Feb 2018 - General - Scan125

As February 2018 draws to a close then I note that there have been 160 new Scan125 registration since 1st January 2018.  So give or take a few that is a registration rate of  80 per month this year thus far. 
NOT WANTING COMPLAIN but ONLY 3 users have told me that they have made a donation to charity.  I hope to get more accurate figures from DEBRA come financial year end but at the moment I'm not that pleased. 
Please tell me where you can get better software for your BC125AT/UBC125XLT/UBC125AT/AE125H scanner for the same price as a small donation to an International Charity such as DEBRA or a charity of your choice.   Every donation no mater how small is a life saving, life enhancing gift.
Please help me to help them and encourage me to continue supporting Scan125.  Not much to ask for!    

14 Feb 2018 - We now use HTTPS / SSL

It has been a long time coming but I'm pleased to let you know that this site is now HTTPS / SSL enabled.  It is good for both you and me so we can all feel more secure and comfortable.

30 Jan 2018 - DriveR8 Control Program - V2.0.0.0

Thanks to user Gerald in Germany I've been busy supporting the TRANSMITTER/TRANSCEIVER functions of the Alinco DR-SR8 and Alinco DR-SR9 Transceivers. 
As I do not have either of these rigs it has been an interesting journey for both of us.  A game of "Ping-Pong" in me supplying code and Gerald having to validate against his DX-SR8 rig.
With V2.0.0.0 of DriveR8 most, but not all, of the SR8/SR9 transceiver transmitter controls are supported with the basic omission being that of  CW and  Key/Paddle settings.  If you are a CW user and would like the additional CW function support then please Email me.  Needless to say you will end up having to test and report back etc. which could take time and several cycles to complete so unless you are able/willing to undertake these responsibilities then please do not contact me. 

As always please Email me bug reports, suggestions.

04 Nov 2017 - Blog Publish

The background/reason for this blog, which I may cease at any time, is that with recent forthcoming UK/EU regulation changes I can no longer "acquire"personally identifiable information via my website without your prior consent and then secure I would have to secure that data from theft from my website/server.  To comply with these new regulations would require me to have htpps: and associated expensive security certificates etc..
How does this affect you/me:
  1. You can register my software online with any crap information you like.  I'm waiting for a "Donald Trump" to appear (big smile).
  2. I can not contact you, even if you are having problems with my software.  YOU HAVE TO CONTACT me (see contact Email addresses above)
  3. A general loss of ready communication/feedback/issues etc. for BOTH of us

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