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Scan125Convert Utility for Scan125 Control Program
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Scan125Convert Utility

Scan125Convert is a utility program for use with the Scan125 Control Program.

The Scan125Convert software is currently Freeware but you can Please Buy Me A Coffee which would be very much appreciated and keep me developing and supporting the program.

Current Release Information

Patch/Bug Fixes for Current Release - read more below

(Please note! I rely on bug reports to ensure that my software does not disappointed new and existing users alike.  So please let me know when you encounter and issue.

Current V1.4.0.0 Release - 16 September 2016 - read more below

To Download the current version of Scan125Convert please go to Scan125Convert Download  page.

Next Release will possibly have:

Thanks to Everyone

Just a "top note" to say thanks to everyone using my program.  With each release not only are new functions being added BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY those bugs (silly or large) that people care to tell me about are getting fixed.  So if you see/experience a bug of any description then please let me know.

Scan125Convert Utility Program

The Program is currently Freeware (see and is fully operational with no limitations.  The author reserves the right to change the program status and limitations on any future release.  Existing releases will retain their status and your right to use them but support may not be available.

Scan125Convert enables Scan125 Control Program users to take CSV files (like the free web CSV files from and convert them to Scan125 Control Program format files.  For any CSV file you can create and save a profile for future use.  With a little bit of luck this utility will enable you to create Scan125 format files from all your favourite other CSV format data files.  

By providing Scan125Convert as a separate program as opposed to integrating CSV file import into the Scan 125 Control Program I hope to:
  1. not destabilise Scan125
  2. have a utility that I can develope as a companion to the Scan125 Control Program
Scan125 written in Visual Basic and .NET V3.5.  The program is currently portable and will run from any "user" directory it is placed in.  It also currently makes no registry changes or any other system changes, no required network connections etc. so is benign in nature and operation and protects your privacy.  If a Windows system directory, like Program Files, is chosen then administrator rights will have to be assigned to the program.  For security reasons it is suggested/recommended that a User directory is chosen.

The program also makes no hidden calls home and will not automatically check for program updates.

Screen Shot

Scan125Conert Main Panel

Functions And Features And History

The User Manual is the comprehensive place to see and understand this program.
The History file details program development features and bug fixes.

To Download the current version of Scan125Convert Utility Program please got to Scan125Conver Download  page.

Scan125Convert Current Release Information

Patch / Bug Release - none - 16 September 2016

None at this time.

Current Release - V1.4.0.0 - 16 September 2016

The current release version, files and MD5 checksums are as detailed in the table below:

MD5 Checksum
16 September 2016
V1.4.0.0 Scan125Convert.exe 98877CDD13DD99542DB12F60E5549B34 Scan125Convert.exe
16 September 2016

NEW in V1.4.0.0
Fixes in V1.4.0.0
To Download the current version please got to Scan125Convert Download  page.

All documentation, including the User Manual is included in this download.

Software and Hardware Requirements

The programs is written in .NET Visual Basic (V3.5) as a portable applications that has no install program and does not make Windows Registry changes..  This means that basically it will only run on a Windows PC that has .NET V.35  installed.  I've not researched the Linux and Apple platforms to see if they can support .NET based applications.  If they do and you can get this program to work on any other platform, e.g. Linux and under Wine then please let me know and I will put the details here for others to see.

Bug Reporting

At the bottom of this page, in the programs and in the User Manual you will find my contact Email address.  

I will do my best to fix any bugs that you hopefully do not find.  If you are reporting a bug then please give me as much information as you can.  Operating system (e.g. Windows XP/Vista/7), sequence of events or actions that you went through, and anything else that may assist me.

I cannot guarantee to fix all bugs, nor agree a time frame for any fixes.  Having said this, as previously stated I will do my best.  I do guarantee that I will acknowledge your bug report as soon as I can, providing I can contact you via a valid Email address. 

If you do not wish to be contacted then say so in your bug report.  I will then just note the problem and delete your Email and associated address at my end.
  See my Privacy Policy.

Function Requests and Suggestions

Just below and at the bottom of this page, in the program and in the User Manual you will find my contact Email address. 
I welcome any Function Requests and/or Suggestions.  I cannot guarantee to implement them, nor a time frame if I decide to.  If you are contacting me to suggest function or make suggestions then it will be to both our benefits if I can respond to you via Email. 

If you do not wish to be contacted then say so in your Email.  I will then just note the request/suggestion and delete your Email and associated address at my end. See my Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

If you want or need to contact me about this program then please Email: scan125 AT nick HYPHEN bailey DOT co DOT uk

Above this point is all that matters!

Below here is only relevant to software archaeologists and people who don't want to use the current release.  If you don't then please tell me why?

Previous Release History (for historic reference only)

Please ALWAYS use the current above full version of the program and the latest patch (if any) .

Previous release version, files and MD5 checksums are as detailed in the tables below:

MD5 Checksum
01 March 2016
V1.3.0.0 Scan125Convert.exe 63E3F0760EA87159E07DD8A458D3D0CC Scan125Convert.exe
01 March 2016

NEW in V1.3.0.0
Fixes in V1.3.0.0

MD5 Checksum
26 October 2015
V1.2.0.0 Scan125Convert.exe 28B00239792A8E56E720E5CD33869FE4 Scan125Convert.exe
26 October 2015
V1.2.0.0 606620AEBBAD75C9421BE08FCD231819 26 September 2015
V1.2.0.0 Scan125Convert.exe 7143B402A961D4DD68F8A0F949C70689 Scan125Convert.exe 26 September 2015

NEW in V1.2.0.0 Fixes in V1.2.0.0

MD5 Checksum
26 May 2015
V1.1.0.0 Scan125Convert.exe F0F55CE92F2C2260F05EFF68E7180BC6
26 May 2015

NEW in V1.1.0.0 Fixes in V1.1.0.0

MD5 Checksum
77D0CF41435E5628E8A69CBA19682F15 Scan125Convert.exe
03 January 2015

New in V1.0.0.0 Fixes in V1.0.0.0

Contact Information

If you want or need to contact me about this program then please Email:


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