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Welcome to Marmot Land 

Before you get too engrossed in exploring this site we would like to point out that Marmots, especially Italian ones, have a very diverse interest in entertainment and business.   Because of this you can expect anything to appear here.
You can skip reading this page buy clicking a major subject link above but for your first visit here I would encourage you to read a little further so you get a better idea about me, what I'm interested in and where I can possibly help you.   About Me is also worth checking out.

First and foremost I support  Marmotta PhotoArt.  This is the photographic business and website of the chief Marmot, Krys Bailey.  You will find Krys's work in the wild and she has sold images to many respected businesses and private individuals worldwide. Biography and Business Clients. 
If nothing else (go on buy something) please take a moment to at least look at her work.  You never know the diverse collection of images may include a favorite or planned holiday location or identify animals you have seen but weren't sure what they were.  From Flora to Fauna, Landscape to Seascape or just plain old Transport images there will be something pleasing for just about everyone.

Debra Charity Logo  Supporting the DEBRA Charity through Free Software.  Please DONATE if you like my software.

New Scan125 V1.9.7.0 Release now Available!

New Scan125Convert V1.4.0.0 Release now Available!


DriveR8 Control Program (for Alinco DX-R8E and DX-R8T Communications Receivers)

Development of  this new control program for the Alinco DX-R8 Communications receivers is progressing well. 
If you are interested in getting involved early on then please Email me: DriveR8 @

Like my other programs this is a non-install portable program so will not make any system changes to your PC so can be safely used / tested / discarded as you see fit.

Scan125 Control Program (for Uniden Bearcat UBC125XLT, BC125AT and UBC126AT Scanners)

Scan125 Control Program Version now available - 19 January 2017   Go=>

Scan125 Convert Program Version now available - 16 September 2016     Go=>

Scan125 is a program to control and data manage the Uniden Bearcat UBC125XL, BC125AT and UBC126AT Scanners. 
The Program is currently Freeware (see with a Careware/Charity status and objective (see and operates a time limited on some functions which can be removed by Registering the program for FREE.

Scan125Convert is a general purpose utility program which enables CSV data files to be converted to Scan125 format data files that can be imported into the Scan125 Control Program.
The Program is currently Freeware and has no usage limitations.
If you have either of these Uniden scanners these could be the programs for you.  Please visit my Scan125 Control Program page.

HF150 Control Program (for the Lowe HF-150  Receiver) 

Version now available - 12 April 2012

This is a program to control the fantastic Lowe HF-150 Receiver. 

Originally written by me for my personal use in 2009 I have since turned it into a currently Freeware program that I hope will find an appreciative audience.  
If you have a Lowe HF-150 Receiver, or any other interface compatible Lowe/other make of receiver then you might like to visit my HF150 Control Program page.  


IF150 USB-Serial Interface Hardware (replacement for Lowe IF-150 Interface) 

This is a suggested design for a USB 2.0 to Lowe HF-150 receiver serial interface.  Unlike the original, and now very rare Lowe IF-150 interface, this suggested interface design is a native USB interface not requiring any USB to Serial converter hardware.  In addition there is no additional Window's driver software required to be installed on your PC.  A simple .INF file will take care of everything.   Both Windows and Linux operating systems are supported.
The suggested hardware design includes opto-isolation providing total electrical and conductive noise isolation, thus ensuring no noise/interference is injected into your receiver via the interface.

If you are interested in this suggested interface design then more information can be found here:  IF150 Interface

As with any project customer interest is paramount.

Meanwhile, if you have a Lowe HF-150 Receiver, or any other interface compatible Lowe/other make of receiver then you might like to visit my HF150 Control Program page.  

Fiat Cars

For those that know us we are very loyal and dedicated Fiat car owners since 1973.  I'll be adding relevant content over time but for now you'll have to be content with knowing that we currently own a Fiat Stada Abarth 130TC (1988), Fiat Bachetta (2005) and a Fiat 500X (2015).
If you have a Strada 105TC or 130TC then you definitely want to visit the Strada Abarth page.
Here you will find informative technical information.

Finally (at least for now)

I hope you find something of interest on my website.  If not I apologise but hopefully you will enjoy Marmotta PhotoArt.    

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